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            The JIN Club
            170 meters high on the sky cloud unique private club.Located at Shao-Xing International Financial Center (IFC), which is position in the heart of Shao-Xing Financial District. The total height of the building is 170 meters in 41 floors, is depicting the city's future financial market representative design.

            The Jin Club is located in the building of the 40th floor , view of Shao-Xing from Jin Club, the beauty of the scenery glance.

            Royal gold, burgundy red, forest green, decorate in classical old British touch rich colors, with a selection of hand-made leather furniture by luxurious fabrics, warm wooden Victorian style of the ground, the integration of art in the Victorian style and Art Deco style, provide each space with his own character for you to discovery.800 square meters of luxury-class space.British royal ceremonial services, ultra-five-star custom private feast, the international master of the original art Pierre, etc., specifically for top of the city and specially for you !